A Quick Introduction

Hello there.

Since this is my very first post you probably won’t know who I am, unless you’ve already read the about page. Anyway, my parents gave me the name Jonas and I am currently 18 years old. Last summer, I graduated from high school and I now go to college. Besides going to school I don’t have anything else to do. I like to occupy my spare time with reading, watching movies and wasting time on the internet. I don’t really do anything sports-related, because well sports. Finally, I would like to mention that I enjoy being around my family and friends and that I love taking photographs.

Now that you now me a little bit better, I think I’ll dedicate a few words to the meaning of this blog. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to read and watch movies (or TV series). That’s what my blog is all about. I would like to hopefully not bore you with my views and opinions on this matter. What you’ll also see appearing on this blog are hauls, reviews, random stories and other things (hence the name of my blog).

That’s all I have to say at this moment.
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and I’ll see you later!

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An awkward 20 year old who is obsessed with watching movies, reading books and writing about them on a blog.

19 thoughts on “A Quick Introduction”

  1. Hello, Jonas! Welcome to the blogging community. 😊 I’m pretty new to everything myself (just started two weeks ago! 😂). I hope we can become friends and support each other as we grow more accustomed to everything. Good luck with your blog! I look forward to more of your posts. 😊

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    1. Thank you very much and welcome to you too (or maybe congratulations on your first two weeks is more appropriate 😀). I would love to get to know new people and make some friends!

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  2. Hello! And welcome! I’ve not been long in this community but I can say it’s really wonderful and I hope you find it that way too! I wish you best of luck with your blog and for 2016! I can’t wait to see your posts! 😀


      1. I’m flattered, but no ^^ I never did anything particularly special and you should just see what my first posts look like, nothing compared to yours! You’re on the right track, and I hope you’ll stay successful 🙂 this community NEEDS more male bloggers

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  3. Hi! My blog is only a couple months old so I haven’t been here long but the blogging community is amazing! I hope your blog is really successful! XD

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