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A Game of Thrones

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There are probably a lot of reviews about this book, but I still wanted to do one since I loved it and hated it at the same time. Sure it’s a great and epic read with great characters and unexpected events, but it did have it’s flaws. 

When you get into this book, you’re introduced to a whole new world. For the most part it’s comparable to our own world, but it has it’s differences. At first it may be kind of difficult to keep all the various families or houses apart from each other (you can consult the index at the end of the book, but I found that a bit tedious to do) and the fact that the names in this book aren’t really normal doesn’t help either. Eventually it gets easier to recognise each different character and it’s more simple to follow the different storylines. Due to the rather large amount of different storylines to follow, George R.R. Martin has divided the chapters by character. This means that in one chapter we’re following a certain character and in the next chapter it changes to another character. (Just so you know, it changes between 8 different characters) I think that’s a good way to keep things interested, but when you’re just occasionally reading a few chapters at a time it can get quite confusing. You do get to know the motivation every character has for a certain thing they do and you get to experience some events through the eyes of multiple characters and get different sides of the story.

The characters here are amazing. You really get to know most of them and grow familiar with them. The interactions they have with each other are extremely enjoyable to read, since these are often contain subtle stabs at each other or just plain insults. I particularly liked Tyrion and Daenerys, but I won’t give anything away about who these people are for anyone who hasn’t read or seen GoT.
The political side was really interesting to me, because I haven’t really read anything like it. I found it very easy to understand the different aspects of these strategies and how everything is connected to each other. This book didn’t really contain that much fantasy or I didn’t feel like it did. I’m looking forward to exploring that part of the story a bit more in the next one.

The thing I’m having a problem with in this book and probably the entire series is the writing style. It was an extremely slow read for me. Maybe that’s just something in the Dutch version, but I’m guessing the English ones are also chock-full with countless details and descriptions. This just took me out of the book and put it away for a minute. It can be it’s just that I’m not too familiar with vocabulary related to knights and monarchies.

Despite the writing style, I did enjoy this books in all it’s glory (746 pages is a lot of glory, I ensure you). I recommend it to everyone who likes to read big and epic fantasy books that have a touch of political strategy. I will be reading the entire series, but I don’t know how long that will take me. So don’t expect a review of the following book soon.
Anyways, have you read this book yet and did you have the same reading experience as me? Let me know, because I’m interested to see if it’s like this in other languages too. And should I read it in English or not, because I can’t really decide?
I’ll see you later!

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19 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones | Book Review”

  1. I am a huge, huge fan of Game of Thrones, but I am hesitant to read the actual novels because of the length. I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands. Still, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the book! 😊

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    1. Free time and the length of these novels has definitely put me off, but I can tell you that it’s worth it! ^.^ It took me about a month to read A Clash of Kings(book 2), but you feel fantastic having read a book of such length. You can always pause and come back to it, too, read another book in between, but you shouldn’t let the length deter you from reading this series. It’s very well written.

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    2. The tv series was kind of the main reason I wanted to pick up this book and start reading it. As Melanie said, you can try and read it a few chapters at a time and in the meanwhile read other books. That’s what I did and it worked.


      1. I can understand that. Normally I don’t do that either, because I wouldn’t be able to remember what happened previously. Though with Game of Thrones I kind of have to.


  2. I can completely understand the lack of desire to read the book with all the countless details. I didn’t quite notice it in book one, but having just finished book two, I totally notice it. All the unnecessary details about clothing, and parties, and the random lesser lords and houses you’ll never hear about again. It does become tedious to read. Though, it just goes to show that George RR Martin is an amazing world-builder because he put so much detail into all of it. For that, I respect it, but it can be difficult to read.

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    1. As you said, he did a great job building the world. You can clearly imagine Westeros with all it’s inhabitants and different landscapes. It was just a bit too descriptive for me, I didn’t need all these little details to enjoy or understand the story. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely keep reading, since the story interests me so much.

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  3. I’m a GOT fanatic, both of the series and the books. I think I’m one of the few who enjoys big books with nitty gritty details like banquet dishes and styles of clothing, hehe. I enjoyed GRRM’s style, though I can see why you find it tedious. I agree with what you said about it not being the typical fantasy journey. It’s like a crime/political drama set in a fantasy world, to be honest. Tyrion is my fave character too, followed by Jaime. Tyrion just delivers the best dialogue and has a lot of depth as a character. The Stark family is also complicated (and unlucky), but I think it will show more in the coming books. Great review Jonas, I hope you enjoy the next one! Did you find the series gave justice to this book? 🙂

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    1. Perhaps I just have to grow into this style of writing, I don’t know. I quite like the depth he’s giving these characters.
      I guess the series tries to keep the most important stuff. I’m not someone who doesn’t want them to deviate from the source material as long as the story makes sense and is enjoyable. I’m really addicted to the TV series, you can consider me a fan 😁

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  4. This is one of my favorite series, and I agree with a lot of what you said! When I started the series, like 4 years ago I felt the same, some words and references were new to me, and I was reading it in my native language, Spanish, so I think it’s a universal thing to feel a bit lost in that sense, now that I’m waiting for The Winds of Winter I feel like I can’t get enough of every aspect of the series lol. If you decide to read the sequels I hope you like them, and great review btw!

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  5. I finished this book a while ago, already on number 3 at the moment 🙂
    I hear you when you say the descriptions are long and sometimes tedious. He goes into EVERYTHING in so much detail! Though it can really help to recreate the scene in your head 🙂
    My biggest problem with the books is the different points of view. I rarely read books with multiple POV’s. And George R.R. Martin uses a LOT! By the time I get to the same character again, I totally forgot where his/her previous chapter ended and have to go and reread the last page of it!
    It’s a tough read, but there are still a few books in the series and I really want to find out what happens with the main characters in the last book (if they make it that far) 😀

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    1. Exactly, these are some great epic books and they are quite amazing. But I feel like they might be a bit too epic. There’s so much going on and there are so many things to remember that, for me, it’s hard to keep up. I’ll definitely try to finish this series, but I’m doing it at my own pace 😁

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