Rocket Raccoon vol. 1 | Comic Review

Rocket Raccoon vol. 1

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When watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I had only read one of the comics. So afterwards, I wanted to submerge myself a bit more in these characters and their stories. Rocket Raccoon is a great standalone comic series that heavily relies on it’s art and wit. 

Skottie Young wrote and pencilled this series and he did an amazing job with it. He is known for his ‘Little Marvel’ variant covers, which are always funny and cute and even had their own series. Now he is creating a series called I Hate Fairyland for Image and he is continuing on Rocket Raccoon and Groot.
The art is bright and colourful and fits well with the story and the overall feel of this series. From issue #5 and on, Jake Parker takes over the illustration part from Young. Parker does a good job in maintaining Young’s art style.
I seriously cracked up when Rocket shot something and when it blew up the phrase Nailed It was written over the blast. It’s these little things that make this series unique.

The story isn’t that sophisticated, but it delivers and suits the character well. In the beginning it may seem that it comprises two different stories at once, but as you advance through the comic you find out that somehow things are linked and that’s great to see. I like how every aspect of a story is connected somehow, so I was glad to see that they’ve unified all the different elements here. The twist in the story (with the doppelgänger) was a bit on the weaker side, but it eventually did make for some great scenes so I guess it was fine.

Rocket and Groot share an amazing chemistry together, even though the latter one only speaks the same three words over and over again. I’m definitely looking forward to their team-up series. The other characters, despite not appearing very long, are all great with funny moments. They actually contribute to the development of the story and aren’t just wasting time.

Rocket Raccoon IVThe humour here was great. The jokes and silliness are a big part of this series, at least for the first arc. It can be seen as one of the funny, not-too-serious comic series that Marvel has been releasing lately. I’m talking the Howard the Duck and Squirrel Girl kind.
In this particular scene, he’s sitting at a table and in the next frame there are suddenly a couple of beer cans. Which is followed by a character asking where all these beers came from. It’s this sort of meta humour, which I thought was brilliant. I additionally liked that they managed to mention some matters early on in the story as a small joke and then seeing it return later on to double up on that joke.
I also quite liked the real world references they smuggled into the story. I mean, he’s talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Gilmore Girls. These are just little things you don’t expect. It’s also great to see some stuff from the movie in here too, because I’m already familiar with those things and it helps me to put everything in place.

Issue #5, which is almost entirely told from Groot‘s perspective, was spectacular. It had a simple story, but delivered on art and ingenuity. Jake Parker did a great job in explaining the adventure through his artwork. It made me excited to read the Groot standalone series. The last issue (#6) wasn’t really necessary, but it was a nice little inclusion to wrap up this arc. I’m interested to see where they’ll take this series next.

To end my review, I just want to reiterate that I absolutely loved this volume and I’ll be picking up the next one soon. If you haven’t read this yet, I definitely recommend it. It’s easy to read and has a light story to brighten up your day. If you have read it, what did you think about it? Are there any more comics like this that I should give a try?
I’ll see you later!

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