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Listen To This is a series where I introduce you to some of my favourite songs at the moment.I play these songs on repeat so much that I wonder how it’s possible that I’m still not tired of hearing them. These are some of the songs that blew my mind, surprised me or are just plainly awesome. As I listen to music every single day and it’s a big part of my life, I feel like it’s important to let other people know some of these songs so they don’t miss out on greatness. I’m a daily user of Spotify and I couldn’t live without it. It’s super easy to keep track of all your favourite songs and artists, but also to discover new and unknown ones. That Discover Weekly-playlist is a gift from heaven and that may even be an understatement.
The images contain a link to the corresponding Spotify-page of that song, so you can just go ahead and listen to these right away and I highly encourage you to do so.

Ophelia – The Lumineersophelia-single-art---hi-res
The Lumineers are coming out with a new album this year called Cleopatra. Their first album was a great one and I think this one will be even better. The first single released­ from the album is Ophelia and I’ve been loving it ever since I first heard it. There’s something about this song that I always want to sing along and it makes me feel happy as well.
I unfortunately missed the tickets sale for their concert here in Belgium since it’s sold-out now, but I’ll definitely buy their album as soon as it comes out.

Way Down We GoWay Down We Go – Kaleo
I have already mentioned this song as my favourite one, for now, in the Get To Know Me tag. I wanted to include it here as well, because you really have to check it out. Seriously.
Kaleo is an Icelandic band who in early 2015 moved to the United States. They don’t have that many songs or at least not on Spotify, but I reckon they’ll release more in the future. Their song No Good is featured in the HBO tv series Vinyl.

Youth – Troye SivanBlue Neighbourhood
YouTuber-turned-artist Troye Sivan managed to build up interest with his single Wild. It made me want to go through some of his other songs and that’s when I found out I actually really appreciate this kind of music.
I must admit, I didn’t really like TRXYE. The songs on that EP weren’t my cup of tea, I guess. Blue Neighbourhood on the other hand, that one blew me away. Almost all of the songs on that album are great and often find their way into my playlist. Youth is probably my favourite one though.

AugustaBungalow – Scott Helman
Every time this song starts to play, I immediately get happy. I came across this song whilst skimming through some playlists. For some reason I can’t stop singing along with it or at least moving my head back and forth in an attempt at minimally dancing.
I’m a big fan of the song Machine as well. It’s a bit quieter than this, but it has something warm and genuine about it. Augusta is a great debut album and I’m looking forward to his second.

New Americana – Halsey
BadlandsI know this song is very popular at the moment. I still added it to this list, because I wanted everyone who doesn’t know it to find out about it. Also because I was surprised I liked this song. It’s not entirely something I would listen to normally. Though after hearing this a couple of times it really started to grow on me.
I have yet to check out some more of her songs, but I’ll definitely do after liking this one. Halsey is also currently working on a second album, so we’ll see what the future brings for her.

In The Dark – Matt Woods In The Dark
This song is also one of those discoveries I did while browsing through Spotify. I happened to stumble upon this song and I’m glad I did. I especially like how it starts with the humming that is also featured throughout the entire song.
He has a wonderful voice and I’m impressed with the high notes he can reach. This is only his second song ever released and he’s off to a great start. I’m interested to see how his first full album will turn out.

I have to say that I have been listening to these six songs the whole time while writing this post. I just can’t get enough of them. Let me know whether or not you like this kind of post and want me to do this again sometime. Also tell me what you think about these songs and if you have any recommendations for me.
I’ll see you later!

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