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Captain America Civil War

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Marvel’s latest movie has some of their biggest superheroes clashing each other in a conflict about being regulated by the government. What an incredible third part of an already amazing trilogy. Almost everything about this movie was impeccable and it has the best action sequence I’ve seen in a while. 
This review contains no spoilers, aside from what is seen in the promotional footage. I might be doing a spoiler-filled review soon, but I haven’t decided on that yet.

I just want to say that you need to see this movie as soon as you can. This was great from start to finish. The Russo-brothers have a great understanding of these characters and their backstories. They handle these characters really well and have a good sense on how these stories should be adapted to the screen. They delivered a solid story that was probably the biggest one yet in the MCU, that is until we head into the two-part Infinity War. The conflict that arises in this movie is really interesting and it is very difficult to choose a side and not having doubts about it. Every side has it’s arguments and reasoning and you can clearly understand each one of them.

Captain America Civil War I.jpg

There were some concerns, not from my part though, about there being too many characters in this movie and it turning into an Avengers 2.5 of some sort. Let me tell you that this isn’t the case at all, this still feels like a Captain America movie. He’s still the main character and most of the story is about him and how he deals with certain things. Chris Evans’ titular performance was impeccable and Robert Downey Jr. did an exquisite job once again as Iron Man. Only now he gets the help, or the opposite, from other characters. Still, every character gets a proper amount of screen time. There’s still enough place for them to have some kind of character development. Every character also has something to do in this movie. It’s not as if they’re in there just to be in there, they all have a purpose.

As for the new characters, I couldn’t be more positive. Chadwick Boseman takes on the role of Black Panther and came across as a powerful and mysterious character. We get some idea of who he is and why he does what he does, but there’s still a lot left to discover in his solo-movie.
The second important new character is of course the one and only Spider-Man. While he was recently known as the Amazing Spider-Man, now we can truly say he’s amazing. Tom Holland killed it as the character. The two actors that came before him both did a decent job, but this performance topped those in an instant. The way we got introduced to him was fantastic and how he interacted with the other characters was just spectacular. Sure, we can’t fully judge whether this is the Spider-Man we were waiting for based on his appearance in this movie, but I have full confidence that his solo-movie will be incredible as well.

Captain America Civil War IV.jpg

The action in here is amazing. Let’s just say that I could watch that airport sequence all day long. Everything is choreographed so well and fits in well with the story that’s behind it. You might think that with so many characters things can get confusing rather fast, but that’s not the case at all. The directors managed to find a balance between big showdowns and smaller hero-to-hero fights. Every character has his or her own style of fighting that fits amazingly to that character while it still blends in very well with the other styles. There’s also a good balance between the action scenes and more emotional sequences. You don’t get the feeling that there’s too much fighting involved, nor that it’s solely dependant on its dialogue.

Marvel was again a bit lackluster when it comes to its villains, if you can even call him a villain here. I guess Zemo was in this movie to move some things along and set certain things in place, but I feel like that could have been done by other characters or things which means he wasn’t really necessary. Though I didn’t mind him in there either.

I guess it’s a slight understatement to say that I liked this movie. Almost everything about this movie is perfect and it is getting a rather high place on the list of my most favourite movies of all time. Just saying. I can’t wait to see this movie again, which probably won’t take too long.
Have you seen Civil War already, if so what did you think about it? If you didn’t go see it yet, how excited are you to do so?
I’ll see you later!

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