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In my most recent post I announced that I would be doing a Q&A and here you can find my answers. I liked all of these questions and how diverse they are. Let’s get right to them.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?Aldana, Perfection in Books
I can’t possibly pick just only one thing. I really like the community, you immediately feel welcome and that’s a great feeling. I also like that I can write about everything that I’m passionate about and get response from people that are equally as excited about these things.

What book would you recommend to us?Jerrod, It’s Jerrod
I can’t recommend The Martian by Andy Weir enough, but to say something else for a change I’d say The Anniversary Man by R.J. Ellory. I read it some time ago, but I really liked it.

If you could spend the day with any fictional character, who would you spend it with and where would you go?Emma, Emma The Book Lover
Piscine Patel from Life of Pi. I feel like he could use the company and that he would have some interesting stories to tell. This book was such a joy to read and he was a really great character.Life of Pi

If you could be any superhero, which one would you be and why?Cath, Trust in the Words
That’s a hard choice as there are many great superheroes. I’m not picking one of the most popular ones, as that would be a bit obvious, but I’m choosing Nova for this one. He’s a very down to earth kid and yet can fly around like it’s nothing. He can go to space and do great things, while still being there for his family. And he’s now part of the Avengers, so that’s also kind of amazing.

Have you ever thought about starting a BookTube?Jorlene, Page Chronicles
I actually did once, but I backed away from that idea rather quickly. I still find it too awkward to sit in front of a camera and talk to it. It’s also very time-consuming and I probably couldn’t commit to something like this right now. Though perhaps one day I might consider it again, who knows.

If you could relive one day of your blogging experience, which one would it be?Iridescence, Light Up the Shining Night Stars
Now this is very cliché, but I’d like to say the first day. It’s a thrilling experience to start up your blog and publish your first post. You are excited about starting something new and exploring a different world, but it’s also a kind of a scary thing. You don’t know whether people will like what you write and how people around you will react.

What is your favourite song?Aldana, Perfection in Books
That’s a difficult question as my taste in music changes all the time and I never have the same favourite song for a long periode of time. Though for now, I can really recommend Desire by Years & Years and Tove Lo or Best Fake Smile by James Bay. I’m probably doing another Listen To This-post soon, so you can find some more suggestions there and these might be in that list as well.

What’s your Hogwarts House?Jorlene, Page Chronicles
I did a few of those Buzzfeed-quizzes and apparently I’m totally Gryffindor, but with a hint of Hufflepuff as well. Now that the houses of the American school have been leaked, I do wonder in which one I would fit in there.Gryffindor

Is there anything you recall doing when you first started blogging that you would advise other bloggers to avoid?Jillian, Rant and Rave About Books
Thinking too much. If you ever think about starting a blog, you should put a lot of thought in how you do it, but I would advise to not overthink it. If you do, you start having doubts and that may discourage you to actually start one. I would suggest to just do it and you can see how things turn out afterwards.

What are your thoughts on long distance friendships? Aldana, Perfection in Books
Long distance friendships are totally fine. Who wouldn’t want friends all over the world? I guess they’re a bit harder to keep, but I’m sure that’s manageable.

If you could be a character in a book or movie, your choice, what would it be?Jerrod, It’s Jerrod
Can I please be Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord. He’s extremely funny and also kind of bad-ass if you ask me. He is very down to earth and likeable. He’s an awesome character in the comics and was portrayed in a great way by the amazing Chris Pratt.Star-Lord.gif

Do you prefer summer, winter, autumn or spring?Aldana, Perfection in Books
I’m going with spring for this one. It’s the season we’re in right now and I like it as it’s not too cold, but not too hot either. I’m not really someone who likes extreme weather, so spring is perfect for me.

What’s your biggest takeaway from your four months of blogging?Jorlene, Page Chronicles
That blogging is a great way to talk about anything you want. It’s an amazing place where you can be yourself and find others that are like-minded. I’ve realised that if you are being yourself and enjoy what you do, blogging can be a wonderful thing.

I really liked doing this Q&A and I’m definitely going to do this again one day, I may even turn this into a series or something. Thanks to everyone who asked a question.
I’ll see you later!

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23 thoughts on “You Asked For It | Q&A”

    1. Sure, there’s a link to my account at the end of the post so you can just add me there. Though I haven’t touched a book in a while, but I’m going to read more soon!
      Do you, by any chance, have a Letterboxd account? I’m looking for more people to add on that site as well. If not, I’d recommend it as it’s totally helpful for movie-fans 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know the feeling, there is not easy to find time for everything… My reading challenge is quite small since the time is not there. Yes I have! I am however pretty bad when it comes to using it…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes exactly, I only have 15 books set for my challenge and that includes comics, just because I’m not good at finding time to read. I’m not good either at keeping these sites up to date, I always forget to post my reviews on them. But I do keep track of my movie diary. I really like doing that 😀

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      3. Haha I have 30 I think, my friend managed to read over 80 last year (sick I know) but she loves to read. I find it hard to write a review there when I always write here, but I need to be better…

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      4. I can’t possibly imagine how someone can read so many books. That’s insane!
        I would normally just post the same review on there or change some things that are more blog-specific. I don’t write new reviews for these, but that’s just me 😀

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      5. I know… And she re-read some as well which doesn’t count on the challenge. Ah smart, feels like it would take so much time to write two reviews 😉

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  1. Haha, I’m in the exact same boat regarding BookTube. I want to do it, but it just seems awkward for me and too time-consuming right now. I do want to try for real sometime though, although I’m not sure when. Thanks for answering my questions, Jonas! 🙂


    1. The awkwardness and time-spending are the main reasons holding me back from starting a channel. Though I guess I also wouldn’t know how to combine that with my blog. Do you write a review as well as filming one or how would that work. I’m not sure and if there’s an audience that’s interested. That’s also why I’m currently not really considering starting a channel soon, but as you said, perhaps some time in the future I’ll think about it again. Those were some interesting questions!


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