Let’s Pin That

Let’s just say that I’ve found a new addiction, in the form of the social media site and app called Pinterest. I’m having my exams at the moment and, as every student, I was getting distracted. When looking at all my bookmarks I happened to stumble upon Pinterest. It had been ages since I last logged in to the website and now I’ve been using it everyday since. Be sure to click on the image below and go follow me.


I’ve gone from having 3 boards to now having 30 and I’m still adding more and more. I can’t explain why, but I really enjoy making all these boards with their different subjects and adding stuff to them. It’s fun to watch your boards grow along the way. Of course a lot of my boards are a bit empty at the moment, but that’s mainly since I’ve just added these all at once and I’m sure these will get filled rather quickly.

I just feel like it’s a fun way to save things you like or things you want to read or view later and to see what other people are interested in and pinning to their boards. It’s also very useful for my studies, as there are some boards that can come in handy whenever I need to make some homework. The last board for example, called Team Communication, was created by one of my teachers where some students, including myself, had the assignment to fill that up, because those are tools that we could use in our line of work.

There’s also a new group board, Y A – b o o k – b l o g g e r s, where anyone can share book-related pins and your own posts or those of other bloggers. This board was created by the awesome Alyssa from Alyssaisreading. If you don’t know her, which I highly doubt, then I’d recommend you go check out her blog, her personal Pinterest, duh, and her Instagram as well, because she organises these amazing challenges and her pictures are stunning.
This board is still in it’s early stages, but I reckon that it will grow over time and that there’ll be an increase in contributors. To become one, you can leave a comment with your username and you’ll need to follow either me or Alyssa (that’s apparently a requirement for adding people to group boards on Pinterest) or send an e-mail with your own e-mailadres or username to alyssaisreading@gmail.com so that she can add you to the board

If you’re interested in joining the group board, don’t hesitate to send that e-mail or to leave that comment down below. We are more than happy to welcome new contributors to the board and to see it grow.
Also, leave your username below in the comments so I can go and stalk every single one of you.
I’ll see you later!

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An awkward 20 year old who is obsessed with watching movies, reading books and writing about them on a blog.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Pin That”

    1. Oh great, I’ll mention that as well! Yeah I’m not sure what happened there, the new ones are still in there for now, so let’s hope it won’t happen again haha


  1. Oh goodness, my Pinterest addiction is almost as strong as my Tumblr addiction. I mean, you can find just about anything on Pinterest…Such a distraction.
    username: rachaelgraz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah definitely! It’s been a while since I’ve been on Tumblr and I think that Pinterest is my sort of replacement for it at the moment. Perhaps after my exams I’ll be more active on Tumblr as well, but right now Pinterest is the place to be hahaha
      Would you like to be added to the group board?


    1. Yes exactly! At one point you think about doing something else and then you come across another great pin and you start all over again haha
      Do you want me to add you to the group board?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you will, believe me 😂 Once you really get the hang of it and start adding more boards, it will get hard to stop haha
      Shall I add you to the group board?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that’s a large amount of pins! I’m not quite there yet haha though I’m hoping I will be one day 😁 Great, I’ll add you right away (though it seems I can’t do that yet until you’re following me because I can’t seem to find you, apparently that’s a rule for adding people 🙄)


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