Mumford & Sons | European Tour

Mumford & Sons, a band that’s been known for its use of the banjo. If you don’t know who they are, then I’d recommend you go look them up right this second, because they have a lot of amazing songs. On the 24th of May, I had the chance to see them live in Antwerp and let’s just say that it blew my mind.

Sigh No More copyI have now seen them three times already and they were tremendous every single time. I’ve seen them twice in a full concert in Antwerp and once at Rock Werchter, which is a big music festival here in Belgium. I really enjoy going to their concerts, because they sound so great live. You can hardly notice any difference between their live performances and studio recordings. Just to hear them play those instruments live is worth going.
This time I even decided to buy one of their t-shirts, because it has a nice design, with the wings from the header image, and the concert I’ve seen now and the one at the festival are both featured in the list on the back of the shirt. That aside, I really think that this band has a lot to offer and is definitely something you have to see live at least once. In both concerts I saw, they sang a couple of songs acoustic and a-cappella in the middle of the venue and you can really hear a needle drop during those songs.
Now I have to be honest and admit that I don’t listen to their songs that often. I’m always on the lookout for new music and because of that they sometimes escape my mind. But whenever I go to one of their concerts, I’m immediately reminded again of how great they are and that I should be listening to them far more often and that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

Mumford and Sons - Babel copyI’m of course a big fan of their massive hits Little Lion Man, The Cave and I Will Wait. These are the songs that made them famous and that are still some of their best ones. That said, I’m also really liking a lot of their other songs or actually almost all of them. Even so that I think they’re equally as great as those aforementioned songs. Some argue that a lot of their songs sound the same, but I don’t think that’s really true. They have many up-tempo songs like Babel, Winter Winds and Lover of the Light. But they also have quite a few slower songs, including ReminderAwake My Soul and The Boxer.

mumford-sons-wilder-mindI must admit that I’m more of a fan of their two earlier albums than their newest one, Wilder Mind. Though that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great songs on there. I guess I just liked it a tiny bit more when they put their banjos to use. The direction they’re going in now sees the banjo being replaced by an electrical guitar and I’m totally fine with that. It’s just that they’ve become so iconic for their folky melodies that it’s a bit strange to now listen to these kinds of songs, but I’m certain that I’ll get used to those very quickly. Believe and The Wolf are the first singles released from that album and are indeed some of the greater songs on it. But also Ditmas and the title-track Wilder Mind are worth listening to. I feel like Mumford and Sons haven’t produced a single bad song thus far and are on track to become a household name on many festival line-ups.

Johannesburg.jpgThere are some people saying that with their third album they’ve deviated too much from their usual genre and feel. These people are going to have to hold their hearts as Mumford and Sons are planning to release a new album called Johannesburg on the 17th of this month (so in four days really). I say they’re going to have to hold their hearts because, as the title may suggest, this album is influenced quite heavily by African artists. They’ve worked together with Baaba Maal, who is from Senegal and, Beatenberg, a band from South-Africa. They’ve already released two songs of this new album, There Will Be Time and Wona. These are actually pretty great songs. You can clearly hear the African influences, but I do feel that they add something new to these songs while it still fits into their repertoire.

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If you haven’t yet heard of Mumford and Sons then I’d highly recommend you listen to some of their songs. They have a unique sound and are constantly trying to keep things fresh and new. If are familiar with this band, let me know what you think of their music and if you can recommend any other bands that are equally as great.
I’ll see you later!

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2 thoughts on “Mumford & Sons | European Tour”

    1. They put on quite a show this time, especially with the lights. It’s so great that you got to see them as well!
      I made myself a promise that I would try and go to every concert they play in my country, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to actually keep that promise, but I’m hopeful haha


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