I Hate Fairyland vol. 1 // Comic Review

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Skottie Young, who you may know from writing and drawing Rocket Raccoon and Groot, delivers once again with I Hate Fairyland. This time he writes for a different publisher, which results in a totally different series. If you take the time to read the synopsis for this series you’ll immediately notice that this is not some ordinary fairytale. Being a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Deadpool, this series offers you a raunchy and hilarious take on the way too familiar story.

Let’s immediately start with the characters and mainly Gertrude or Gert or that 40-year-old girl with green hair who likes to murder everything and everyone she comes across. She’s alright as the main character, but I would like to see a little bit more character development as the series progresses. The only development for now is that she’s still nice in the first few pages. Besides that, I really like that she remained small during her stay in wonderland, because I feel like it would be less funny if she had actually grown up.

Queen Cloudia, ruler of Fairyland, was great as the main antagonist. She took on the role as good and evil queen. Though I’m not sure if you can consider her evil compared to Gertrude. Queen Cloudia is the one who moves the story along and is very important for a lot that happens in this volume. She’s the one who introduces us to some of the secondary characters. Most of those secondary characters are fun as well, though they’re usually not around that long.

“It was a nightmare. Nothing but the green of her hair… and the blood of my people.”

The story is nothing new. You can clearly see the influences from Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of OZ. It’s a girl who suddenly gets trapped in a magical world and has to go on a quest in order to get back to her own world or to help the creatures living inside that world. It’s not a very inventive story, but it’s still quite entertaining especially combined with the unique tone of this series.

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The art is impeccable, as I’ve come to expect from Young. It’s a fun style and brightly coloured which might at first not seem like the right style for this kind of story, but it fits unexpectedly well. The fact that this is a parody or rather satirical version of a fairytale and it still kind of has the style of a normal fairytale makes this even more fascinating.

Fairyland is a wonderful world. It really looks like a magical place and a great place to live in, without the murderous girl running around of course. We’ve already got to see some awesome corners of this big world, but I’m hoping we’ll get to see a lot more in future issues. That’s because now we mostly got to see these places as a background for or just in one panel as part of a montage. There are also many references to places within that world that we’ll probably never get to see, which is a bit sad as I would love to get even just a glimpse of Sky Town or Sugar Hills. Anyway, I’m sure there’s much to be explored in the next issues and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

I Hate Fairyland is a great series with amazing visuals and an interesting take on the classic fairytale. I was already a big fan of Skottie Young‘s work and this series proved this once more. Everyone who likes some casual violence, gore and swearing, even though it’s fluffin’ censored, should definitely pick up this series.
If you’ve read this one, do tell me if you liked it and recommend me other series that I should definitely try. Or if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, let me know whether you’d want to read it or why you don’t.
I’ll see you later!

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8 thoughts on “I Hate Fairyland vol. 1 // Comic Review”

    1. There’s a lot of murdering and blood spilling, but I didn’t think it was that creepy. I rather thought it was funny, perhaps also due to the style it’s drawn in. Except if you’re creeped out by little girls who like to murder things that is 😁

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      1. Well, not if you say it like that haha
        It’s mostly just the combination between the ridiculousness of the situation, the art style and just the general idea behind the series (being a parody of all those normal fairytales) makes it something unique and yes somewhat entertaining 😀

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