Why Do I Care? | The Fundamentals of Caring Review

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The Fundamentals of Caring is the seventh original movie released by Netflix and is based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Evison. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and came out almost a month ago, which is also when I saw it.

The movie is very much dependent of its characters and mostly the dynamics between them. Paul Rudd is great as always. He’s bringing his excellent sense of humour and comedic timing and adds some great dramatic acting to that. However, this is mostly also thanks to his interaction with Craig Roberts, who delivers a tremendous performance as Trevor. His sense of humour resembles mine a lot and you really could believe him using humour as a way to deal with his situation. Lastly, there’s Selena Gomez. She does alright as Dot and gives the movie some fun moments.

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There’s not an awful lot to the story, but that’s not necessary. The basic premise of this movie is that two people are going on a road trip and they come across some difficulties that they have to deal with. That’s it, but that’s what makes this movie good. This doesn’t need a complicated story with a lot of twists. It suffices to keep it simple and really focus on the interaction between the different character and their emotions.

While Trevor‘s disease is very important to the story, the focus lies more on the relationship between the two main characters. That aside, his disease is being dealt with very well and in a more humorous way, whilst not neglecting how it’s like to live with it and what the serious consequences and dangers are.
I feel like Ben‘s background could have been done better, because the flashbacks weren’t really working for me. They always showed the same thing and that didn’t exactly make sense to me, besides making us remember that it happened, but not to a point that it became bothersome. 

The screenwriters did a great job at having emotional and tense scenes that form a perfect balance with the lighter and more comedic scenes. Mostly also, because a lot of the emotional scenes are immediately followed by a joke or two.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and it’s definitely worth your time as well. It’s a fun movie with great jokes that has a lot of emotional moments in it. It deals with diseases, relationships and life in a way that’s amusing to watch while perhaps still making you cry.
I’ll see you later!

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9 thoughts on “Why Do I Care? | The Fundamentals of Caring Review”

    1. Just when things got too ‘dark’ and emotional, they throw in a joke to lighten the mood. And it’s not like the jokes take you out of the moment, they fit in perfectly.


  1. I didn’t really fancy the flashbacks either but other than that I really liked that he actually hadn’t given up on his life due to the disease and the movie was very funny. Wonderful review Jonis, missed your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it would’ve been better to just have shown that scene in one single flashback, instead of teasing it throughout the movie. It would perhaps even make a bigger impact.
      I think the not giving up is a good message to take away from this movie and to sometimes trust a stranger who’s offering you a ride and is definitely not a pervert.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah definitely!
        I would go in a car with a strange man, I’m terrified of just leving the house when it’s dark (the downside with being a girl)…


  2. ooh, this has been on my list on netflix for a while, and my trial is ending soon so I’ll definitely have to give it a watch! I just wish that Australia’s netflix didn’t suck so intensely, otherwise I’d definitely sign up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely worth your time and it’s only an hour and a half so it’ll be over sooner than you think. What’s wrong with Netflix in Australia?


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