Watch These Trailers // vol IV

Now who doesn’t love a good trailer? I know I do. 
In Watch These Trailers, I make a list of ten recent trailers that look promising or are worth talking about. Find the trailer I’m talking about by clicking on the title.
This volume has mostly trailers that came out of San Diego Comic Con, except for the last two. The convention took place last weekend and saw the release of many trailers for some of the most anticipated upcoming movies. I have already talked about the Marvel/Netflix series and their new trailers in detail, so they are not included here.

Wonder Woman
This is probably one of the most talked about trailers from the convention. It’s the first time that we’re getting a female-led superhero movie. There’s been a lot of talk about a standalone Black Widow movie, which we still aren’t getting, and the Captain Marvel movie, which is set to premiere in 2019. This means that Wonder Woman is the first one to star in her own movie and from what we can see in this trailer, it’s going to be awesome. It’s set during the first World War and seems to offer some amazing action scenes. The movie sees Gal Gadot reprise her role as the titular character after she already appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Connie Nielson will appear alongside her. She later will again portray the character in Justice League, but more on that later.

Kong: Skull Island
What would we be without reboots? They seem to be happening more and more lately and sometimes they aren’t that bad. I hope that this is the case with Kong: Skull Island. The trailer is visually stunning and shows just enough to get me excited. Kong seems to be a lot bigger than the previous version. The movie has a stellar cast including Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman.
The movie is a new interpretation of the King Kong story and will be part of a new shared cinematic universe. This universe currently consists of four movies, with Kong: Skull Island being the second one. Eventually, the gigantic ape will face off against Godzilla, who already got his first solo film in 2014 and will get a sequel 2019.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
We’re getting another chance at visiting the Wizarding World and it seems like we’ll be in for a treat. This time the story’s about Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmaynewho is in the possession of a briefcase full with magical creatures of which some managed to escape. In this trailer, we get a better view at some of these beasts and they look amazing.
J.K. Rowling is already working on a sequel for the movie and she already has enough story to make it a trilogy.

The Lego Batman Movie
We still have to wait quite some time until we get our first solo Batman movie with Ben Affleck as the titular superhero. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle on the brick version of the character. After the immense success of The Lego MovieBatman gets his own spin-off. Gasp. The trailer is hilarious and I’m actually really looking forward to this one, besides not having seen The Lego Movie yet.

Doctor Strange
No Comic Con is complete without some Marvel news and goodies. This year we’ve got a new trailer for Doctor Strange that builds on what we’ve already seen in the previous one. It doesn’t give a lot of new details considering the story, but it does show a lot more magic. It doesn’t take much to get me excited about a Marvel property. In other words, I can’t wait to see this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be doing a good job as the sorcerer, though I haven’t yet read any of the comics.
The joke at the end caught me off-guard, which made it even more hilarious.

Justice League
This teaser trailer was the most surprising one to come out of SDCC, as it came rather unexpected and as it’s actually a really good first look at the movie. The footage has at least gained my interest and I’d like to see more.
It’s very clear that Ezra Miller’s Flash is supposed to bring a lighter tone to the movie, something he succeeds at so far. The movie seems to be slightly less serious and dark than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I wasn’t the biggest fan of that one, you’ll know why if you read my review, but it seems like Zack Snyder and the people involved are making sure not to make the same mistakes again.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
I’m not too sure about this trailer, it seems to be a bit all over the place. The first few scenes looked like they weren’t from the same movie, as they had a different kind of tone and style to them. I’m still awaiting some more footage to clearly make up my mind, but for now I’m a bit confused. It’s the familiar story of King Arthur who pulled the sword out of the stone, but then again, it also feels unfamiliar as there are a lot of other elements added to the story.

American Gods
This is the last trailer on this list that came out of SDCC and it’s for a television series. American Gods is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, which I haven’t read, but apparently it’s a story where gods live among us and a war is brewing between the Old and the New gods. This premise is definitely interesting, though it wasn’t yet clear from the trailer, and the visuals in the trailer look quite unique. The trailer also left me with some questions and made me curious as to what will happen.

The Great Wall
Now this is a very important movie. It may just seem like just another action movie with a hint of fantasy and science-fiction, but it’s a bit more special than that. The interesting thing about this movie is that it’s largely a Chinese production. It’s directed by Zhang Yimou, it’s filmed in China and a large part of the cast has its origins there. This all is also very noticeable in the trailer, especially in the latter half. Unfortunately, it still focuses a lot on Matt Damon, who is the main star of the movie, instead of fully embracing its Chinese origin.

The Magnificent Seven
It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a proper Western movie, but with The Magnificent Seven it looks like were finally getting one again. We’ve already seen a trailer for this one, but Sony recently releases a new one. This one’s got a lot of Chris Pratt in it. Besides him, it also stars Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, an unrecognisable Vincent D’Onofrio and a lot more people. The choice of song is a bit questionable, but aside from that this is a solid trailer.

That’s it for this list with trailers you should see. Which trailer interested you the most and which movie are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments.
I’ll see you later!

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7 thoughts on “Watch These Trailers // vol IV”

    1. I feel like they made some strange decisions for King Arthur. The Great Wall and Kong have a more unique feel, but we’ll have to wait and see if they’re really worth it!


    1. It can be a great movie, I’m just not yet fully convinced! I’m really interested to see how the Great Wall movie will turn out.
      American Gods seems like an interesting take on the Old/New gods story that has been told before. Who doesn’t want to see them go to war, right?

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