so it’s a new year and here’s a little update…

January 1st, 2017.

We’re right at the start of a new year, which is generally a time where we take a look back at what has happened the year before and where we try to figure out what the next twelve months will bring us. I’m not going to delve into clichés like “New Year, New Me” or “I’m going to do better this year”.

I think we can all agree that 2016 wasn’t the best year. A lot has happened, both great as well as devastating things. Every year has its ups and downs, 2016 just had a lot of them. For me personally, it wasn’t the best year either, though I also can’t say that it was an awful year. I experienced some great things too this year. Things I can be proud of, things I can’t look back on without getting a smile on my face and just a lot of small things that make life so much better. So I’d like to put my focus on the joyful events of this year and here are a few of the biggest ones. I’ll probably forget to mention a lot of things, but I’ll give it a try.

I got the chance to travel to some amazing places this year. In april, I went on a fun citytrip to London and then later in July I went on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords. Both trips were experiences I’ll never forget and I hope I’ll be able to do some equally as great traveling this year. Also during summer I went to one of the biggest music festivals here in Belgium called Rock Werchter and saw some amazing artists perform.

I managed to survive my first year of college. I’m currently preparing for the first set of finals of my second year. College has been quite the experience. It’s been a lot of work. Correction, it’s been A LOT of work, but it’s been interesting so far.
This month was kind of hectic as well. Besides the large amount of school work, there was also the fact that my sister moved out of the house to go live with her boyfriend in an apartment and I bought my first car, which I’m very excited about.

My Goodreads Challenge says I read a total of 19 books in 2016. This is not entirely true, as I’ve only read 6 books this year, while the other 13 are books. I didn’t quite meet my goal, as I anticipated to read 25 books. However, I’m still glad that I at least read a few books and comics, because that wasn’t always the case in the previous years.

I also watched a total of 33 movies, which isn’t bad considering I only watched 15 movies the year before. Those 33 movies are the most movies I watched in a year since starting to keep track of every movie I watch in 2009. On second place comes 2014, wherein I watched a total of 23 movies. So, 2016 was definitely an improvement.
I’m really glad me and my sister finally decided to do a Star Wars-marathon. I had never watched them, but this year we managed to watch both trilogies and the excellent first entry in the newest trilogy. I haven’t had the chance yet to watch Rogue One, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that one too. I went to the midnight-screen of Captain America: Civil War, which meant that I got to see it as early as possible.

January 1st, 2017. This date also marks another milestone. My first post was published exactly one year ago, which means that my blog is one year old today. This however is no reason to celebrate as I’ve been on a hiatus for the last five months. I really enjoy blogging and love being a part of the blogging community. I just took a short break during summer. Sadly enough, this short break turned into a long break and eventually ended up in a hiatus.
Even though I haven’t been active for a while, here are some of the stats. I now have 266 amazing followers. I’ve published a total of 65 posts, including this one. There have been 2265 visitors from 72 different countries to my blog, which accumulated to a total of 5661 views.

Here are some of the things I want to do and achieve this year. 

  • I want to relaunch my blog. As mentioned above, I haven’t posted in about five months. This is something that I want to change. I’m planning on relaunching my blog very soon, with soon being after my finals. I’m very excited to start blogging again!
  • My Goodreads Challenge for 2017 will, as last year’s, consist of reading 25 books and this year I’m determined to actually achieve this goal.
  • I want to finally get my driver’s license.
  • I want to finish my second year of college and start my final year.
  • I would love to go on more citytrips and see more of the world.
  • There are probably a lot of more things that I want to do or accomplish this year, but that I probably just can’t think of right now.

That’s it for this little update on my life, my blog and my hopes for the future. I hope all of you had amazing holidays, I sure did as you can see from the tweet above.
Let me know how your year has been and what you wish for in 2017!


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An awkward 20 year old who is obsessed with watching movies, reading books and writing about them on a blog.

2 thoughts on “so it’s a new year and here’s a little update…”

  1. Hi, Jonas! It is so refreshing to find a new post on your blog! While I do hear from you every now and then, I still like reading what you write. So this makes me very, very happy.

    I haven’t actually prepared a whole “let’s welcome 2017” and list of goals, really. Everything is sort of a whirlwind right now. I have to settle things again in my university. Anyway. As per usual, I agree with most of what you said! 2016 was, in many aspects, awful. But I’m glad a lot of incredible things happened to you! Hope you get to experience more this year!

    And also, happy anniversary!


  2. Welcome back! 😀 I did miss your posts the past couple of months. But as with a lot of us, life can get in the way sometimes.
    Wish you a happy new year and congrats on the blogiversary!


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