Listen To This II | Music

Listen To This is a series where I introduce you to some of my favourite songs at the moment. These are some of the songs that blew my mind, surprised me in some way or are just plainly awesome. I listen to these songs on repeat so often that I wonder how it’s even possible that I’m still not tired of hearing them. As I listen to music every single day and it’s a big part of my life, I feel like it’s important to let other people know some of these songs so they don’t miss out on greatness.
The images contain a link to the corresponding Spotify-page of that song, so you can just go ahead and listen to these right away and I highly encourage you to do so.

Death Row – Jimi Charles MoodyIslington
For some reason, every time I put on some music this is the song that I’ll start with. I don’t know why, but it has something that I really like.
The four songs on Islington are all great, so definitely check out those as well and especially Other Man.
I just recently found out about him and apparently he hasn’t been around for long either. As far as I can see he has only released five songs thus far. When he finally releases a full-length album, I’ll definitely be there to give it a try.

EasyFeels – Son Mieux
I can understand if you haven’t yet heard of Son Mieux. It’s a band from the Netherlands who only have three songs released, for now anyway. In 2015, they released Feels and Easy and in the beginning of this month their latest song came out called Even. Feels is probably my favourite one so far, but Even comes in as a close second.
I think they have a quite unique sound and it’s really enjoyable. They are definitely a band to look out for in the future.

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The Infinity Dreams | Awards

So I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by Lashaan and Trang from Bookidote. I am very honoured and thankful to be part of this community. I’m currently having a hard time reading and watching things, since I have a lot of tasks for school to do, but I’m definitely trying.
I find it really hard to find interesting facts about myself, so don’t expect too much from this post.

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