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Captain America Civil War

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Marvel’s latest movie has some of their biggest superheroes clashing each other in a conflict about being regulated by the government. What an incredible third part of an already amazing trilogy. Almost everything about this movie was impeccable and it has the best action sequence I’ve seen in a while.  Continue reading Captain America: Civil War | Non-Spoiler | Movie Review

Captain America: Civil War trailer | Movies

Captain America Civil War posterThere’s this little movie coming out in may or april (depending on where you live) called Captain America: Civil War. It’s the final part in an amazing and kind of strange trilogy. I call it strange as every movie within that trilogy is another genre and it’s not entirely a trilogy when considering the crossovers into The Avengers.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed the first two movies and I’m desperately counting down the days until the latest comes out (only 47 days left). Oh yeah, click the poster to go watch that awesometastic, like that’s even a word.
Warning: there’s going to be quite some GIFs in this post.

In Captain America: Civil War we get to see some of our favourite Marvel heroes divided and clashing with each other in one of the biggest battles we’ve seen thus far (until the entire MCU comes together in Infinity War that is). They are divided in two teams #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan. To be honest, I am more on Iron Man’s side, but I’ll wait until after I’ve seen the movie to make a definitive choice. I think it’s a good thing they’re giving both sides some good reasons as to why they’re opposing each other.

Captain America Civil War VIII

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