Mountains, Waterfalls and Seasickness

The first month of summer break has passed, which means that I already went on vacation. Usually, my family and I would go to a country near the Mediterranean Sea, like Spain or Greece. While I really like going to these places, I wanted to go somewhere completely different this year. A place with a different kind of landscape and where it’s less hot. I’m not the biggest fan of running around in high temperatures, however, my sister does. She likes to lie on a beach chair near the pool with a book in her hands. To get something that could satisfy both of us, we settled on going on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords. Here’s how that went.

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Hello London | Travel

It’s been more than a week already since I had a break from school and those two weeks off were the perfect time to study in advance for my exams. Though they are also a great opportunity to do some traveling. When my family and I were discussing what we were going to do this year, I suggested, as I suggest the same thing every single time we try to make plans, to go on a city trip to London. Due to certain circumstances, being our yearly trip to some place in the Netherlands was cancelled, they finally agreed and so it came to be that not a long time after that we were sitting on a train headed to that incredible city.
Now I have to say, I did visit London once before as a school trip, but it’s quite something else since you have to stick to a schedule and you need to do some tasks. When you visit something on your own, you can choose whatever you want to see and when you want to see it. That’s exactly what we did.

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