Let’s Pin That

Let’s just say that I’ve found a new addiction, in the form of the social media site and app called Pinterest. I’m having my exams at the moment and, as every student, I was getting distracted. When looking at all my bookmarks I happened to stumble upon Pinterest. It had been ages since I last logged in to the website and now I’ve been using it everyday since. Be sure to click on the image below and go follow me.


I’ve gone from having 3 boards to now having 30 and I’m still adding more and more. I can’t explain why, but I really enjoy making all these boards with their different subjects and adding stuff to them. It’s fun to watch your boards grow along the way. Of course a lot of my boards are a bit empty at the moment, but that’s mainly since I’ve just added these all at once and I’m sure these will get filled rather quickly.

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Social Media | Tag

It’s time for another tag. This one is rather appropriate as I’m a daily user of all kinds of social media. I was tagged by Dziey about two weeks ago and now I’m finally getting to it.
I’m very busy with school, so this is an extremely short post, my apologies for that.

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