It’s been half a year

It’s the first of July today, which means that we’re halfway through 2016. This year has gone by so fast already. A lot has happened since the start of this year. I went to London, I became 19, I finished my first year at college and so much more.
The reason I’m mentioning this is because the first day of July also means that my blog is nog six months old. I started this blog on January 1st. I thought I’d celebrate this with a short recap and a small Q&A.

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Quick Update + Q&A Announcement

For this post I wanted to take a step back and look at some things from a different perspective. I recently recapped my four months of blogging and I’ve been making some conclusions about my experience thus far. Okay, that seems way more negative than I intended it to be. What I’m trying to say, and what I’ve said a couple of times before, is that I’m constantly searching for ways to improve my blog and how to keep things interesting. By reflecting on what has gone before, I can get a pretty good idea as to what is working and what else I can do.

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