Childhood Fandoms

Ever since I was a kid I was part of several fandoms. Not in the way that I would rave about it with others, but I did collect a lot of toys or books or anything else that was part of the merchandising. As I was recollecting memories from my childhood I can say that I’ve been part of five major fandoms. That is to say that these are the main ones, as I was a fan of a lot of things. Though if I would include all of those into this post, I could go on forever.

Bob the Builder
If you don’t believe everything is possible, then you don’t know Bob the Builder. He can build everything you want and fix all that is broken. As a kid, this series was amazing. It had a sympathetic and reliable main character and several other characters, in this case vehicles, who each had a different personality that added to a whole. What now seems like a simple, and silly to be honest, series was something great to watch when I was young.

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