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A tag where we can recommend music to other people? Count me in. I truly enjoy having people get to know some of your favourite songs. That’s also one of the main reasons of my Listen to this-post (which might as well turn into a series as I really liked writing that one). Now for this tag you have to put your music on shuffle and list the first 15 songs that start to play. Now the tag says that you shouldn’t cheat, but I guess I kind of have to. I won’t be shuffling my entire music library as I haven’t used that one for a while now. Instead I’ll be using the Spotify-playlist I listen to most. At the moment it contains about seventy songs, so I guess that’ll be enough to deliver some random songs.

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Listen To This | Music

Listen To This is a series where I introduce you to some of my favourite songs at the moment.I play these songs on repeat so much that I wonder how it’s possible that I’m still not tired of hearing them. These are some of the songs that blew my mind, surprised me or are just plainly awesome. As I listen to music every single day and it’s a big part of my life, I feel like it’s important to let other people know some of these songs so they don’t miss out on greatness. I’m a daily user of Spotify and I couldn’t live without it. It’s super easy to keep track of all your favourite songs and artists, but also to discover new and unknown ones. That Discover Weekly-playlist is a gift from heaven and that may even be an understatement.
The images contain a link to the corresponding Spotify-page of that song, so you can just go ahead and listen to these right away and I highly encourage you to do so.

Ophelia – The Lumineersophelia-single-art---hi-res
The Lumineers are coming out with a new album this year called Cleopatra. Their first album was a great one and I think this one will be even better. The first single released­ from the album is Ophelia and I’ve been loving it ever since I first heard it. There’s something about this song that I always want to sing along and it makes me feel happy as well.
I unfortunately missed the tickets sale for their concert here in Belgium since it’s sold-out now, but I’ll definitely buy their album as soon as it comes out.

Way Down We GoWay Down We Go – Kaleo
I have already mentioned this song as my favourite one, for now, in the Get To Know Me tag. I wanted to include it here as well, because you really have to check it out. Seriously.
Kaleo is an Icelandic band who in early 2015 moved to the United States. They don’t have that many songs or at least not on Spotify, but I reckon they’ll release more in the future. Their song No Good is featured in the HBO tv series Vinyl.

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