Liebster Award II

I was tagged for another Liebster Award by Bex from Film Music Central. I did one of these quite a while ago and I’ve seen them around very often. You basically get some question that you have to answer as best as you can.

What is your favourite animated Disney film?
I think it’ll have to be The Lion King. It’s a great movie and I recently saw the musical adaptation in London and it was just amazing. Now to be honest, it has been a while since I’ve last seen a Disney animated film. I should really watch those more often because there are a lot of them that I still haven’t seen yet and I’ve forgotten a lot about the ones that I did see.

Which Star Wars film is the best?
I’m going to have to say the latest one, Star Wars: the Force Awakens. I saw all of the movies this year for the first time and the last one blew my mind and surpassed, for me personally, the older ones. Probably because the visual effects have improved immensely since the first one was released.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars. Simply because I still haven’t seen any of the Star Trek-movies, neither the new ones nor the older films, or any of the tv shows.

How long have you been blogging?
I began my blog on the first day of the year, January 1st 2016. That’s almost six months ago or 169 days ago, to be precise.

Favourite film soundtrack?
This is a difficult one. I really enjoy a lot of soundtracks and of course there are the most famous ones, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but I’m choosing the entire soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s amazing how a superhero movie has a soundtrack filled with songs like Hooked on a Feeling and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.
In case of a single song, I would definitely choose Married Life by Michael Giacchino for the movie Up. Whenever I hear this song I can clearly picture that famous montage and it immediately brings up so many emotions. It’s a masterpiece.

If you had to live inside a movie, which one would you pick and why?
I wouldn’t mind living in a world filled with superheroes or one with talking toys. So it’s either any MCU-movie or Toy Story. I’m not sure I can give a clear reason though.

Who’s going to win the Game of Thrones?
My hopes are on Daenerys, she’s got a slight advantage thanks to her dragons. Though you never know with Game of Thrones! Or what if nobody ends up on the Iron Throne and the game never ends? Let’s forget about that, because the thought alone gets me upset.

If you had one superpower, which would it be?
There are so many great superpowers, I honestly can’t pick just one. Being able to fly or to make yourself invisible would be totally awesome. Or being able to transport yourself to wherever you want. Or being able to be extremely big or incredibly small. I can keep thinking of superpowers for hours, but I’m going to leave you with being able to control other people’s minds.

Name one movie that should NEVER have had a sequel.
I had a movie in mind, but I couldn’t think of the title. Though, after asking the person who I saw it with, it appears to be called The Encounter. I also can’t exactly tell you what it was about. The only thing I remember is that the first one was set in a diner and there was a character that was supposed to be Jesus. Don’t ask why I even watched it in the first place, but apparently it got a sequel and I can’t imagine how that’s even possible.

Do you think they can keep the James Bond series going on forever?
I suppose so. They’ve already managed to accomplish the fact that they can alternate between actors and still attract a large audience, so I guess they can just carry on with the series and keep making those movies as long as there are stories to tell, actors to portray the character and people that are interested to watch them.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I have to admit that I had to look up what this was from and I’m just not going to bother with trying to formulate an answer to this one.

ShealeaAriaEstefaniRaeChloe – SaraBookidote  Jerrod
RenateJoanAlyssa – Parneet – GemGiovanna – Joey – Emma

My questions
1. What book did you recently read and why should I consider reading it as well?
2. What movie are you most looking forward to seeing?
3. Which movie adaptation of a book do you like most?
4. How do you decide when and what to read?
5. Find me a song that I should be playing right now.
6. What’s the most binge-worthy tv series you’ve seen?
7. What is your favourite quote, book or movie, and why did it grab your attention?
8. Are you a comic book reader? If so, which series should I definitely pick up?
9. Do you read the book before watching the adaptation or after?
10. Are you a buyer or someone who gets books from the library/streams movies?
11. What movie did you not expect to like as much as you do?

That’s the end of this award and I’m probably going to be doing another one soon as I got tagged twice recently. The bloggers above can consider themselves tagged, but anyone else who’s interested can answer my questions as well. Don’t forget to link me in your post so I won’t miss it.
I’ll see you later!

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16 thoughts on “Liebster Award II”

  1. As always, thank you for the tag, Jonas! I’ll be sure to do this one. And I loved reading your answers. I’m all for Daenerys as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I still have 4 GOT episodes to watch, so I’m not sure what has happened since then. But for now I’m totally team Daenerys. If that doesn’t work out, I think I’ll have to go for a Lannister and say Tyrion.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, she’s a great character as well. I’m not sure how I feel about the way they’re treating the character in the last few seasons. The whole blind and ‘no name’ seems a bit weird to me. I’m not sure where that’s headed. But I guess I’ll see when I get there 😁


  2. The Lion King makes me cry every time, so sad… Also team Daenerys (even though I’m never able to pronounce her name)! Thank you hun for the nomination! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha yeah, otherwise it would probably not have been as popular. Love it when Timon sings the “Hula” song, just amazing!


  3. Oh, thank you for nominating me and Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. For me, it’s one of the Stars who would win. Daenerys was just powerful because of her dragons and nothing else. That’s just only her power. Without those dragon, she’s just Daenerys.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not the biggest Sansa-fan, but she is getting her act together in the latest season I guess. Arya might sit on throne, but I feel like the whole ‘a girl has no name’ thing is a bit strange.

      Liked by 1 person

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