Four Facts Survey | Tag

Time for another tag and this is the Four Facts Survey Tag and I’m looking for people who are interested in writing a guest post, but more information on that at the bottom. For this tag you basically just have to say four things about each of these subjects. It’s rather self-explanatory. I saw this tag on Kyleigh‘s blog Chatter From A Coffeehouse and I wasn’t actually tagged for this one, but she said anyone could give it a try so I did. Let’s go.

Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name

  • I was called Jambon once, it is based on my last name.
  • My grandmother used to call me Jo’ke sometimes, as an abbreviation of my first name.
  • People also just call me weird, not really a name though.
  • I really have no other nicknames.

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  • I most recently worked as a cashier at a grocery store.
  • I’ve also worked as a cleaner in a hospital.
  • Can I consider being a student as a job? Since it takes up a lot of time and there’s a lot of work.
  • Those are all the jobs I’ve done so far.

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Hello London | Travel

It’s been more than a week already since I had a break from school and those two weeks off were the perfect time to study in advance for my exams. Though they are also a great opportunity to do some traveling. When my family and I were discussing what we were going to do this year, I suggested, as I suggest the same thing every single time we try to make plans, to go on a city trip to London. Due to certain circumstances, being our yearly trip to some place in the Netherlands was cancelled, they finally agreed and so it came to be that not a long time after that we were sitting on a train headed to that incredible city.
Now I have to say, I did visit London once before as a school trip, but it’s quite something else since you have to stick to a schedule and you need to do some tasks. When you visit something on your own, you can choose whatever you want to see and when you want to see it. That’s exactly what we did.

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Get To Know Me | Tag

Since my blog is still rather new, I thought this tag might be interesting for some of you. I wasn’t really tagged by anyone, but I thought I’d do this anyway. Here are a couple of questions about me, so you can get to know me a bit better. Aside from what I said already on the about page.

How many siblings do you have? I have one older sister.

What is your middle name? My middle name is Lydia, which is the name of my grandmother and I’m very proud of it.

What was your favourite subject at school? I’m still studying, so right now I would have to say Graphic Design. Though next semester that will probably change.

What is your favourite drink? I am addicted to Coca Cola.

What is your favourite song at the moment? Way Down We Go by Kaleo. If you don’t know it, you should definitely listen to it. It’s great.

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